Sealant Leak Repair Spray Permatex®

Category: Adhesives & Sealant, Sealer

Sprayable sealer to form a durable rubber barrier that stops leaking in a few minutes. Leakage will stop difficulty that wicking actions can be achieved without dismantling or removing parts. It was specially designed to target low pressure leakage in pipes, oil pan, disparity, gearbox, fluid tank and plastic pipe, PVC and metal, their connection and much more! The possibility of swelling and damaging the internal seal eliminates the need for additive liquid gaskets. Resist the fluids of common shops. Note: In many cases, multiple layers need to solve this problem. Level 3

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Recommended use: Engine and transmission leakage, hose, oil tank, disparity, gear box, cooling system, thermostat, water pump, valve cover, fitting, electric harness connector, plastic, PVC.

How to make:

Warm up the engine and stop it.
Clean the leak area.
Protects the surrounding area against overspray.
Wash the product with brake and cleaning room or similar solvents.
Shake is good.
Slow Permatex® putty spray on drastic movements.
Use an extension tube for difficult to reach the area.
Please wipe the spray area lightly with a clean cloth. Reapply.
Please use 3-5 coat to achieve best results. Wait for 1 minute between coats. Wait 30 to 45 minutes before placing the engine on the service.

Note: Do not use for high pressure applications, exhaust or head gasket.