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February 2, 2016

Wcain Calgary, AB, Canada

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black magic

My Audi A5 loses about 1/5 coolant in 4 days, there are enough serious leaks of coolant. Display coolant brand under the engine. I thought it was repaired at a shop or dealer. I tried this product successfully. It has been a week, no end mark at all is displayed. There is no visible loss of coolant in the radiator. Still need to be tested over the long term.
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November 27, 2011

Maxi 8

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I know

This product works like a magic but had to clean my entire cooling system to completely remove it, due to heating one week after the stay at system.I , It also interrupted the rad cap vacuum pressure relief valve and the hat was exchanged too. You use it and flush the opposite cooling system in the week to say to the order he does not rinse.
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June 8, 2013

Droglez San Ammble, QC J 0 L, Canada

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It works cheaply as advertised.

Our Aztek 2000 has three months leaked much of the cooling water. Two mechanics, I decided to risk $ 12, reading some incredible good reviews … To repair more swollen joints, at least $ 1500 to 2000 It will cost the cost of talking. Following simple instructions, the next day there were few cars and the coolant leaked. There was a drop after the first 48 hours. Please be aware that this is a “temporary” patch, then you pay $ 3000 (since plus one year warranty) if you have money to do professional repair (plus tax; )
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October 1, 2014

Hawkwing 24 Barry, ON, Canada

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Such things will work!

Head, radians or contribution small leaks? Works like this one! QUICK! Not a loss seal or a major leak fix, but this material corrected a small leak in my head of GA 2005 GT. (After changing the IMG), do you think they are breaking his head to put it together? More light cool coolant! It is a rust slow start! But as mentioned above – it must be your top Radians Horse! To move – It is in vain to put in an overflow tank! I worked for me! Five *****
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April 17, 2012

Derpdaderp Aurora Ontario

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Save me $ 500 for leakage of the intake manifold

I poured directly into the cooling water passage of the intake manifold / thermostat intake manifold and was using it with Lincoln towncar 1998 at 4.6 SOHC. After I paid, I sealed in the socket, the system led the material to my compressor and slot, pressurized with some hose connections. I will remove the extra mass afterward, but some have had to block the thermostat. He sealed the plastic intake manifold and half for this year from leak-free. After application was pretty easy (boiled with hot water and vinegar), I had to clean the thermostat for about a month. I’d recommend this product if you are going to use it as a temporary fix but I avoid radiators at all costs. It can clog up.
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January 22, 2013

Milton, ON, Canada

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Work perfectly!

Please try to pour directly into the radiator. It’s all, please do not try to overflow, as it can become too effective, and eventually can clog the line and the radiator can not enter. And believe me, it works perfectly!
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September 15, 2014

Jakey Rossini

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I worked a lot!

I was hesitantly hesitated and tried this and was ready to scrap with my leaky head gasket and my cavalier. I was compelled to use the full bottle in my overflow tank. I had no tools on my model to remove the top clamp and radians without a cap. After dumping the bottle in my overflow tank, I started leaving the car idling for 15 minutes with all air burp off overflow cap. I closed the food overflow and ran the car quietly for half an hour around my neighborhood. And the car engine can completely cool down. Detail flight!
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October 15, 2014

Griffon Ottawa, ON, Canada